Buckets for washing cars
If you want to look after your car, one of the key things is to reduce the amount of contamination getting back onto your paintwork when you wash your car.
The best way of doing this is to use a two bucket wash method. It's a safer way of handwashing your vehicle. If you do this you should reduce the probability of contaminating your wash mitt during your cleaning process.
You need two buckets: one for rinsing and one for washing. (If you have grit guards in the buckets even better).
I also use a wash bucket dolly to save carrying the wash bucket around the car.
One bucket will be the wash bucket containing the shampoo of your choice. (I would recommend always using a ph neutral shampoo).
The other bucket is the rinse bucket which is simply filled with water. Before applying the shampoo to your wash mitt from the wash bucket, it should first go into the rinse bucket to get it wet. then you can plunge it into the wash bucket.
Work from the top to bottom and in straight lines.
Most of the grime will be located towards the bottom of your vehicle, so it’s important to leave this area last before once again rinsing.
Work on small sections at a time then wash off the dirt along with any remaining shampoo in the rinse bucket scraping it against the side of the bucket to help remove any dirt before plunging it back into the shampoo again.
The idea is to have the mitt as clean as possible before it touches the shampoo water of the wash bucket. This way there is a far lesser risk of marking your paintwork when the wash mitt touches your vehicle.
And then repeat the process over the entire car. It may take longer than one bucket, however, the results you get will be so worth it long term.
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